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Why Should I Choose Green Cleaning Products?

Do you ever find yourself wheezing, coughing, and aching after using products that are not green?  The reason I started Going GreenHouse is because I used to dread cleaning my home because it would cause me to have all of these symptoms and it would take me a day to recover.  There is something seriously wrong with that!  Cleaning products are not required to disclose ingredients so you can bet that there’s more harmful chemical compounds than you can shake a broom at!

Our green cleaning products clean and disinfect the same way a toxic chemical would, without the damage to the air you and your family breathe.  Not only do we use products that are non-toxic, but we also use products that are sustainably manufactured.  We have a system to reuse, reduce and recycle our products regularly.  We also use a company vehicle to carpool whenever possible.

Going GreenHouse products don’t have the old school “clean” bleachy or pine-tree odor – they smell fresh and you can feel good knowing that you and your family can breathe easy (literally).

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This great little company takes green and clean and customer satisfaction seriously. We live in a dusty valley, full of allergenic challenges. Over time, many cleaning products have become toxic to me, but not theirs. When I enter my sparkling fresh home after Going GreenHouse has cleaned, I breathe a sigh of relief.
Plus, their scheduling has been flexible and accommodating.
What a find!

Felicity W

The healthy alternative

Why would you use toxic cleaning products if you don’t have to?

  • Healthy Home
  • Affordable
  • Environment
  • No harsh chems
  • Safe
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Make sure your home is cleaned the green way!

Don’t wait! Contact us to find out what a 5-star green cleaning company can do for you!  Gone are the days of settling for a mediocre service or spending the weekend doing it yourself, yuck!  Going GreenHouse is rocking the residential cleaning industry with top-notch customer service paired with safe and effective cleaning practices.

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