The secret to doing it all?
Don't clean your own home.

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What you NEED to know before hiring a house cleaner

Hiring a house cleaning company is not just about making your home SPARKLE, it’s about hiring people you can TRUST. Now, more than ever, the people that you invite into your home are critical to your health and safety.

3 Simple Ways

You can be safer by hiring US

Background Checked Employees
Insurance to Cover Accidents
Personal Protective Equipment

Plus One More Thing!

We use all Eco-Friendly Products

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Here is what we can do for YOU

Weekly Maintenance

Never think about household maintenance again! Includes a FREE semi-annual TRUE DEEP CLEAN with our weekly maintenance Loyalty Package!
Rates starting at: $135

Biweekly Service

Find out why this service is our most popular! Includes a FREE annual TRUE DEEP CLEAN with our bi-weekly maintenance Loyalty Package!
Rates starting at: $160

Window Washing

Make your house swoon-worthy from the street with sparkling, streak-free windows!
Rates starting at: $90

True Deep Clean

House on the market? In-laws coming to visit? Don’t fret, we’ll make sure anyone who walks through your front door is impressed with your cleanliness and attention to detail from fan to floor!
Rates starting at: $299

Household Tasks

  • Inside fridge
  • Inside oven
  • Patio
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Vacuum upholstery
  • Change linens

Move In Ready

Remove remnants of tenants past with this thorough service!
Rates starting at: $350

Move Out Service

The last thing you want to worry about when you are moving out is who is going to spend hours cleaning it after you move out. Move on out and leave the cleaning to us!
Rates starting at: $350


Have you ever seen so much fine dust in your life?! We specialize in removing reminders of your renovation project from every surface and nook!
Rates starting at: $490

From floor to fan, before & after

We've got you covered

Don't let your freezer become a breeding ground.
Looks like it's SMILING!
It's hard to cook in a dirty space.
WOW! So fresh, so green!
You don't want your guests to be uncomfortable in the bathroom.
I'm so comfortable here! THANK YOU!
A dirty sink is such an inconvenience.
WOOSH. Spotless!
I don't feel clean even though I'm in the shower.
KAZAM. Now YOU sparkle too!
I wish I didn't have to pick all this up.
HURRAY, I didn't have to!

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